Spiritual connection, commitment to social justice and global solidarity with women are an important part of the Women’s World Day of Prayer. This is reflected in the global financial support for projects for women and girls. The following principles guide us.


What we stand for

The Christian view of humanity is the basis of the socio-political commitment and development work of the Women’s World Day of Prayer.


What is important to us

In our project work, we are guided by the idea of development based on gender justice that strengthens women and girls.


Where we work

As part of a global ecumenical movement, the Women’s World Day of Prayer supports the concerns of women worldwide. Given a limited amount of funding and resources, the project cooperation concentrates on selected countries.


Who we work with

From a recently established grass-root initiative to the well-connected human rights organisation, from the social movement in the capital to the farming cooperative in rural areas: the Women’s World Day of Prayer works with many different partner organisations.


How a project is initiated

At the beginning of a project, we often see how women and girls are dissatisfied with their living conditions and have a desire for change. Together with our local partner organisation, they reflect on what needs to change.


More information

You will find additional information on criteria for eligibility and applications under the menu item “Project support and contact”.