What is important to us

In our project work, we are guided by the idea of development based on gender justice that strengthens women and girls. This is what we are committed to all over the world, by ...

... focusing on the rights of women and girls

Women are not petitioners. They are guaranteed inalienable human rights recognised internationally. Based on these rights, we strive to attain a self-determined life for all girls and women, regardless of skin colour, origin, age, sexual orientation and religion.

… taking a position

There are many unjust structures that force girls and women to live a life in poverty and without dignity or laws to support them. We are committed to supporting them in building a society that strengthens girls and women and guarantees social equality.

… strengthening women and girls

In many parts of the world, women and girls have little or even no chance to live a self-determined life. We help them to recognise their strengths and realise their own plans for their lives.

… creating justice between women and men

We believe that true gender justice concerns women and men. It is possible to live together in equality if both women and men change deeply entrenched ways of thinking and behaving.

... working in partnership

Sustainable changes need reliable relationships and take time. Therefore, when working with our partners we place importance on dialogue and the willingness to learn from each other.