How a project is initiated

At the beginning of a project, we often see how women and girls are dissatisfied with their living conditions and have a desire for change. Together with our local partner organisation, they reflect on what needs to change.

From the idea to the project proposal

The partner organisation supports women to put their ideas into a concrete action plan. If there are not enough funds to implement the proposal, it contacts the project department of WWDP Germany to submit an application for support.

Review and approval

The project application is carefully reviewed by the project department. The committee (i.e., the general meeting) makes a decision on new proposals once a year. Once a project is approved, a contract is concluded and the cooperation can begin.

Exchange and support

The partner organisation regularly provides information on the course of the project as well as proof of the proper use of funds.

If necessary, the project department advises the partner organisation.

The project is completed. The commitment to women and girls continues...

At the end, the project is evaluated carefully by everyone involved. Together, ideas are exchanged on how the concerns of women and girls can be strengthened in the future.

You will find additional information on criteria for eligibility and applications under the menu item “Project support and contact”.