What we stand for

The Christian view of humanity is the basis of the socio-political commitment and development work of the Women’s World Day of Prayer. In this way, the inviolability of human dignity is at the core of our activities.

Empowering women!

Precisely because women and girls around the world are treated without dignity every day, we express solidarity with them.

Our guiding principle is to provide a “primary option for the poor and marginalised”. We base our activities on this principle; we support projects, strengthen women and promote development based on gender justice. In this way, we put into practice the international motto of the Women’s World Day of Prayer movement: “informed prayer – prayerful action”.

Overcoming discrimination

Our projects worldwide seeks to overcome gender-specific discrimination and improve the situation of women and girls worldwide. To achieve this, we focus on strengthening and enforcing the political, economic and social rights of women and girls.

Create gender justice

The Women’s World Day of Prayer sees its commitment to gender justice as an ecclesiastical and socio-political duty and vision.