Perspectives of women in the Church, ecumenism and interfaith dialogue

“Informed prayer - prayerful action” is the motto of the international Women’s World Day of Prayer. It shows us that the socio-political commitment at the Women’s World Day of Prayer is deeply rooted in the spirituality of a jointly celebrated ecumenical service.

Women of different Christian denominations are active in the Women’s World Day of Prayer movement. Despite various doctrines and liturgical traditions, the belief in the liberating message of Jesus Christ unites us.

Within the sense of a “primary option for the poor and marginalised”, we are convinced that the “good life” of the individual is inextricably linked with that of the community. If one part of our (global) community suffers, we all suffer.

In this sense, we understand God’s promise “I'm here” as a mandate for all of us to act so that the Gospel can become a reality here and now.

The project work of the Women’s World Day of Prayer in the area of “Perspectives of women in the Church, ecumenism and interfaith dialogue” is based on two issue

  • ... For one, it supports women who pursue an interpretation of the Gospel that encourages women in theology and pastoral work.
  • ... On the other hand, the project work strengthens women who expand the “resonance space” for women's rights in an ecclesiastical, ecumenical and (inter-)religious context by demanding and demonstrating equal cooperation between men and women.


The projects feature a wide range of topics. They range from women’s groups that interpret the Gospel in an everyday context to theologians networks that approach the pressing questions of our time from a feminist-theological perspective and enshrine feminist theology in the curricula of their institutions.